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Data encryption and tokenization

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Once you know where the sensitive data is, apply protective measures such as encryption and tokenization with the CipherTrust Data Security platform.

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Thales Ciphertrust Data Security is a platform that offers encryption modules as needed to protect data at rest, in processing or in transit, manage cryptographic keys and centralize data access.

Using the encryption modules, you can control access to sensitive data by user and specifically by time or process.

Transparent Encryption

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It is characterized by a simple, scalable and fast implementation, with agents installed in the server operating system and a transparent activity for all applications.

See example case

A health care provider experienced a theft at its facilities, affecting servers that store confidential user information. It cannot be confirmed whether the unauthorized access came from an external person or an employee.

No Transparent Encryption

Databases, confidential information, medical records and financial data have been exposed and readable to criminals.

With Transparent Encryption

Even after a perimeter attack, the chance of an unauthorized person or process accessing readable data on the servers is minimal.

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Data tokenization

Never expose sensitive data without ensuring its complete security.

The Ciphertrust Data Security platform offers dynamic data protection through tokenization, shielding confidential information in databases and file servers.

See example case

A financial institution with physical and digital credit cards needs to achieve unique security for the protection of sensitive card data (card numbers, cvc2, personal identification, among others), ensuring compliance with security policies and mandates such as PCI DSS. They need to protect sensitive data by replacing it with non-sensitive equivalents (tokens) to prevent theft of this data in financial transactions.

No data tokenization

There is uncertainty about how to protect the confidential data that is collected, increasing the risk of information leakage and exposing organizations to potential regulatory breaches.

With data tokenization

When storing data or performing financial transactions, sensitive fields are replaced by tokens. In this way, the entity protects the information in use and minimizes the risk of information theft.

With Intexus, protect your data and ensure compliance with security standards, while working with your strategic partners!

Data in motion with HSE

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Security between sites and/or datacenters with integral solutions for high-speed encryption of network traffic. Thales HSE protects video data, conversations, eavesdropping metadata, surveillance and in general all data traveling over the network, without altering the original routing.

See example case

A retail organization with nationwide coverage has the challenge of protecting its data. Your multiple sites must be connected to the main datacenter system to share key information that enables the business to function.
The data transfer process involves sharing sensitive data that must be protected by ensuring compliance with security standards to prevent information theft or attacks by cybercriminals.

No safety in motion with HSE

Exposure of confidential business or customer data threatens security, can cause operational disruption and can have economic and reputational consequences.

Safe on the move with HSE

Data is encrypted with HSE between the main datacenter and the different headquarters or backup sites, making it unreadable and secure.

With Intexus, secure your sensitive data effectively, ensuring maximum uptime in the most demanding environments!

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