Data protection

Data protection, monitoring and leakage prevention

Minimize threats with permanent surveillance of your information.

Ensure visibility and control of your data against cyber-attacks.

Learn how to protect sensitive data with monitoring, alerting and information leakage prevention.

Monitoring and alerting

With Imperva's Data Security Fabric, secure and monitor your data in real time.

Data Security Fabric allows storing large amounts of structured information, finding historical patterns and threats. In addition, it generates real-time searches and quick reports for data security decisions.

See example case

A company that distributes electronic devices throughout Latin America, such as smartphones, constantly produces data on factory assembly processes, inventory status, transportation logistics, order management, among others. So you need this information stored in databases to be centrally protected against internal and external threats that can leak information.

No Monitoring and Alerting

Due to the lack of visibility on the possible threats to the stored data, an increased attack surface was generated, which represented a high risk for the company in terms of information leakage.

With Monitoring and Alerting

The company was able to secure its databases with a single platform that allowed it to protect the information, accessing in real time to statistics on threat detection, creation of query tables, authorized and denied access, optimizing the logs delivered to SIEM and SOC tools.

With Intexus, improve the protection of your data no matter where it is located!

Prevention of leakage or theft of critical data

Deploy a Zero Trust security model with Forcepoint DLP and CASB

Technologies and protocols designed to prevent unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, wherever it is located.

See example case

A business strategy consulting firm that specializes in analyzing markets, strategizing and developing customized plans for its clients constantly manages its clients’ strategic secrets and, at the same time, must protect its own internal strategies from information leaks by mistake or intentionally.

No prevention of information leakage

It compromises your customers’ privacy and competitive advantage. In addition, it faces the possibility of financial losses, reputational damage and legal consequences due to the information leak.

With prevention of information leakage

Ensures the confidentiality of sensitive data, wherever it is located, protecting the company’s reputation and maintaining customer confidence. It also avoids potential financial losses and ensures regulatory compliance.

With Intexus, protect your competitive edge in the marketplace!

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We protect the identity and data of individuals and organizations.

Our intelligent identity identification, payment and data protection solutions will evolve the security of your organization.

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