Secure payments

Digital Card

Turn your banking APP into a mobile wallet

Offer your customers a secure (tokenized) digital card from the bank, institution or fintech application.

The redefined debit and credit card experience, at the reach of your cell phone.

Ensure progressive innovation for your customers!

Turn your banking APP into a digital wallet

Unify identity verification, card issuance, expense control, security filters, among other functionalities.

It’s time to join the digital revolution in the financial world.

A Digital Card that ensures transactions in a reliable world.

Benefits of digital cards

A memorable and safe customer experience

Increased security, through data tokenization

Increases efficiency in the operation of your entity

Your organization will be at the forefront of the market

Stand out from the competition, thanks to technology support

Promote secure payments with NFC, Xpays (Apple Pay and Google Pay) and e-commerce.

Immediate connectivity and change of processor at any time.

Direct connection to Visa and Mastercard, without the need to integrate with other networks.

Turn your banking APP into a Digital Wallet with NFC.

The ideal solution for these industries and sectors


We protect the identity and data of individuals and organizations.

Our intelligent identity identification, payment and data protection solutions will evolve the security of your organization.

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