Reliable ID issuance and data security for educational environments

What the industry demands

Educational institutions need to integrate technology to develop secure educational environments, stay at the forefront of their academic offerings, and ensure reliable access to their facilities and data….

What the industry demands

Issuance of physical and digital IDs

-Preventing fraud and identity theft

-Identify students in an agile way.

-Controlling access to facilities or the provision of services.

-To have accurate records of the entire educational community.

Data protection

-Protection against increased threats.

-Blend the technological infrastructure and be at the forefront.

-Avoid information theft or identity theft.

Scenario within the sector

Secure access to educational centers through the issuance of physical and digital IDs


In educational environments, security is paramount. A highly secure physical and digital ID issuance system is required to prevent identity theft.


Educational institution cards must be integrated into access control systems or for loaning material.


The use of cloud software and smart printers improves efficiency in the generation of institutional IDs. The ability to generate cards anytime, anywhere is essential.


Guarantee the protection of the user’s and the institution’s data throughout the process of issuing and using the card.

Case Study
Industry Government
One of the largest universities in Colombia

With the system-integrated ID issuance solution, we were able to meet the access and security needs of the educational institution. Learn more about solutions for issuing physical and digital solutions on a large scale


Physical and digital ID cards for 100% of the academic community, with different roles and types of access to the facilities.


-100% of the community identified with physical and digital cards.

-Implementation of daily carnage days for up to 1,000 users.

-Optimization of the process of creation, activation and elimination of identifications.

-Easy integration with campus access systems, library loans and other services.

Solutions that can be applied to Educational Entities