National Identities for Governments Committed to Safety and Security

Government needs

In a connected and dynamic world, identity and citizen identification security is essential to protect data and strengthen the country’s international position.

Government needs

Issuance of badges

– Protecting citizens’ data.

– Avoid forgery of national documents.

– Manage the registration of migrant population.

– Establish an efficient travel system to ensure border security.

– Build trust with secure IDs for government officials.

Data protection

– Anticipating cyber threats

– Protection of sensitive and confidential data.

– Infrastructure protection for digital sovereignty.

Issuance of passports

– Security and authentication

– Border and migration management

– Fight against identity fraud

– International cooperation

Scenario within the sector

Massive renewal of driver's and transit licenses in Colombia

Government Actions


According to official decree, driver’s licenses must be renewed every 10 years. 4,377,765 renewals are expected in 2023.


The process must be carried out by a supplier authorized by the Ministry of Transportation for the commercialization of inputs, holograms and substrates.


License renewal is carried out simultaneously in the country’s transit entities, so national coverage is necessary.


Transit authorities and technology providers must ensure a simple and fast process for users.

Case Study
Industry Government

It was required to ensure the creation and delivery of the “Permiso de protección temporal” (Temporary Protection Permit), for accreditation to work and live legally in Colombia.


We were able to identify 2’000,000 Venezuelan migrants who have received the ‘Temporary Protection Permit’ to live and work in Colombia.

We grant temporary protection permits to Venezuelan migrants located in Colombia.


-We installed enabled and connected emission points in 10 cities in Colombia.

-Issuance of up to 14,000 IDs per day.

-Document preparation and delivery in 1 day.

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