Data protection

HSM - Hardware Security Modules

Unbreakable protection for your cryptographic processes.

HSMs are physical devices that store and protect cryptographic processes, managing the keys used to encrypt or decrypt data.

Protect your data in an unbreakable way!

General purpose HSM: Offers encryption, digital signature, key generation and protection for any purpose.

HSM for payments: specialized device for secure processing of payment transactions, offering full lifecycle protection of cryptographic keys, CVC code validation, PIN management, EMV processing, among others.

HSM as a service (Haas) for payments: cloud-based, it offers the same functionalities of the hardware, with ease of implementation and lower costs.

With HSM, evolve to support the security of your cryptographic operations with intelligent solutions and services.

Benefits of Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Unbreakable protection against cyber attacks and threats.

Contribution to compliance with regulations such as FIPS, Commom Criteria, GDPR, HIPAA and PCI-DSS, which are highly demanded in the market.

Operation in large volumes in real-time transactions, securing every step.

Adaptability to various physical or cloud-based structures.

HSMs as a service provide the same features as hardware at a lower price.

Evolves customer confidence, with world-class security standards.

The ideal solution for these industries and sectors

We protect the identity and data of individuals and organizations.

Our intelligent identity identification, payment and data protection solutions will evolve the security of your organization.

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