Secure identities

Identity verification

connects people and organizations to create a trusted world

We ensure secure human interactions and fast processes, verifying identities for a reliable connection in the world.

Trusted identities for a connected world on the move.

As a partner of Entruts, we offer robust and complete technology that ensures agility in remote identity verification processes, the basis for secure transactions, travel and purchases.

Robust digital onboarding with biometric identity verification and document validation, easy to use, designed and tested on thousands of mobile devices.

We protect the integrity of each citizen's identity and reduce the risks of forgery and fraud.

Identity Verification Benefits

Compliance with worldwide safety standards.

Modern and robust technologies for remote identity verification with biometrics

Secure authentication by reading legitimate documents.

Ensure agility in your processes, for uninterrupted operations.

Reduce fraud and obtain accurate identity information before traveling or providing a service.

The ideal solution for these industries and sectors


Aviation and travel

We protect the identity and data of individuals and organizations.

Our intelligent identity identification, payment and data protection solutions will evolve the security of your organization.

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