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Management and administration of keys and secrets

Maximum security for your confidential data.

With the CipherTrust Data Security platform, manage your encryption keys and secrets in a secure and adaptable way.

Learn how to centralize cryptographic key management and manage secrets

Administration and management of encryption keys

Control your keys to ensure the security of your local or cloud data.

Simplify the management, backup, rotation, grouping, creation, deactivation and deletion of cryptographic keys locally or in the cloud.

See example case

Companies in the energy and utilities sector handle critical and operational information to manage essential infrastructures such as power plants, electric grids and utilities supply, distributed in a hybrid architecture (on premise and in the cloud). This information includes details about the production, distribution, maintenance and security of the infrastructure, so they decide to take advantage of the native encryption offered by their suppliers. However, what they need is to have complete control of their encrypted information and take the responsibility of key management away from vendors, to avoid potential cyber threats coming from third party attacks.

No administration and management of encryption keys

Critical data would be exposed to cyber threats, as encryption keys are stored and managed by vendors, increasing the risk of information theft that would affect the continuity of essential services, in addition to exposing the company to the risk of regulatory non-compliance and economic and reputational losses.

With administration and management of encryption keys

They prevent unauthorized access and manipulation of sensitive information. In addition, if the supplier is attacked, the data is not breached, contributing to regulatory compliance, which is essential in the energy sector to meet security standards and regulations and avoid economic and reputational losses.

Have full control of your cryptographic keys with models like BYOK (Bring your own key) and HYOK (Hold your own key)!

Management of secrets

Get a fortified vault for all your valuable digital assets in one place.

Allows you to manage and protect workload secrets in the cloud, including the protection and automation of access to secrets such as: credentials, certificates, API keys, tokens, among others.

See example case

A software development company manages its secrets in process tools such as Chef, Jenkins, Seocom Puppet and Red Hat Ansible, which are efficient and agile, but can have security holes. These automation, configuration and management solutions require secrets to access protected resources such as databases, HTTP services and SSH servers. These secrets are usually embedded within the source code in an unsecured form or are stored in configuration files or code for these tools. The organization needs the management of secrets independent of its development tools.

No secret management

There is a risk that the source code may be violated to remove the data access secret. In addition, the company must manually manage the creation, administration, elimination and revocation of the secret, which means more time and risk of human error in the process.

With Secrecy Management

By effectively managing secrets, the company was able to remove coded secrets from DevOps tools from processes such as playbooks, JenkinsFiles, scripts or source code, while providing complete, policy-based audit trails and secret rotation.

Protect the confidentiality of your information by securing the secrets that give access to it!

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