We manage safe spaces in smart cities.

The needs of the sector

Innovative and secure solutions that facilitate the management of public spaces for the entire community, optimizing time, improving mobility and consolidating confidence in smart cities.

The needs of the sector

Parking management

-Improving mobility in cities.

-Digitizing the collection and control of public or private parking lots.

-To control in an agile and effective way the use of parking lots.

-To have information and reports on the use of parking lots.

Scenario within the sector

Parking zone management for smart cities


Control and use of public and private parking information flows in real time, responding to the daily needs of smart cities.


Easy access from a mobile application to check availability, reserve parking spaces and pay.


Personalization of management according to types of users, citizens, regulators and parking lot owners, including citizens with special needs, consolidating inclusive cities.


Easy integration with existing camera, sensor and collection systems in the city

Case Study
Mobility Industry

City with more than 2 million inhabitants

Thanks to T2 parking, the management of public and private parking lots was consolidated.

Learn more about T2 parking here


Implementing a parking management solution in a city of 2 million inhabitants


A Latin American city required a comprehensive digital solution for the management of public and private parking lots.


-Successful implementation of the solution in a city with 2 million inhabitants.

-Total digitalization of the process of administration, rental and control of parking areas.

-Integrated management of the city’s public and private parking areas.

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