Secure identities

Seamless Travel

An agile, contactless and reliable travel experience.

Creating a trustworthy world with “Intexus Seamless Travel”, the solution that allows digital identity verification, streamlining the immigration and emigration process.

We have evolved to promote safety and accessibility!

With Intexus Seamless Travel:

  • Validate identity digitally and in advance.
  • Eliminate long lines and paperwork at the airport.
  • Facilitate a 100% reliable, non-contact experience.

Thanks to “Intexus Seamless Travel” life testing, facial recognition and chip validation, it is possible to have an agile, contactless and secure travel experience.

75% of passengers are in favor of using biometric data instead of passports and boarding passes*.

9 out of 10 passengers

who have used this type of technology are satisfied, with a satisfaction rate of 88%*.

*IATA source citation

Seamless Travel allows people to interact peacefully and securely with the world, owning their identity.

Benefits of Seamless Travel Solution

Efficient and agile border terminals

Improved identity verification

Strict verification of access to restricted areas

"Seamless Travel Solution" adapts to any regulatory requirement and standard.

Optimizes the passenger experience

Gathering useful data for improving airline service

The ideal solution for these industries and sectors


Aviation and travel

We protect the identity and data of individuals and organizations.

Our intelligent identity identification, payment and data protection solutions will evolve the security of your organization.

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