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T2 Parking

We manage safe spaces in smart cities.

T2 Parking, a global network of public and private parking lots that enables the detection of free spaces, allows them to be rented and controlled from a mobile application.

Optimize urban space and improve mobility with T2 Parking!

It detects and manages parking spaces throughout the city, allowing you to rent and control them from your cell phone.

It collects information in real time, providing useful data for the management and decision making of mobility in the city.

With T2 Parking transform your city into an accessible and efficient place where everyone wants to belong.

Benefits of T2 Parking

Improved mobility in the city by optimizing the use of space.

Simplification of compliance with data protection regulations.

Collection of real-time information on the city's mobility, facilitating decision making.

Customization of the application according to geographic location.

Ease of integration with camera and sensor networks.

Improved experience when moving and parking in the city.

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