Secure identities

Vecard - Digital Identification

Identify your organization's users in a fast, secure and portable way.

With the digital identification application, VeCard, you can manage the creation, update or deletion of ID cards in minutes.

Protect the identity and data of the people in your organization in a practical way!

With Vecard your users will have their ID card on their cell phone, carry it everywhere and access the world they want to belong to, as you can practically integrate IDs with access control systems.

It is a digital identification, which allows verifying the validity of a document in real time, providing secure access.

With VeCard, move towards secure digital identification

Benefits of VeCard

Strict security filters to prevent counterfeiting.

Generation and updating of IDs in minutes.

Efficient data management.

Improved user experience.

Easy integration with access control system.

The ideal solution for these industries and sectors

We protect the identity and data of individuals and organizations.

Our intelligent identity identification, payment and data protection solutions will evolve the security of your organization.

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