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4 keys to improve the enrollment process for new students


The student enrollment process at the beginning of each academic year or semester does not have to be characterized by long lines and waiting times and can be agile, efficient and safe, both for students and for the institution, if you take into account the following 4 keys to efficient student enrollment that we share in this article.

Undoubtedly, long lines and waiting for identification can cause discomfort and a negative impression on students at the beginning of each academic term. However, it is possible to achieve a more optimal card issuance process by considering all the steps behind the issuance of an ID card and some keys to improve them with the best technology in ID issuance.

Keys to improve the student enrollment process

Decentralized data capture

One of the key elements in this process is the registration or capture of data. It is essential to collect and verify each student’s personal information efficiently and securely, and this can be achieved with a decentralized data capture process, through the creation of different registration points within the institution, such as classrooms or cafeterias, avoiding congestion and long lines.

A decentralized data capture facilitates that the people in charge of capturing the data can do it in the natural place where the students are, without having to make them move to the centralized point and can be done from different devices such as cell phones or tablets, eliminating the problem of transporting the ID printer or computers for data capture.

2. Remote creation and printing of ID cards

A modern solution for the creation and issuance of ID cards allows the information of each student to be sent remotely from cell phones or tablets used for decentralized data capture to one or more ID card printers, speeding up the process of creating, printing and delivering the ID card, which will take only minutes.

3. Issuance of physical and digital IDs

In addition, educational institutions can now have physical and digital IDs, portable on a cell phone and easily integrated with campus access or book lending systems, giving more functionalities to their educational cards and connecting them with other important processes within an educational campus.

4. Easy integration with databases

Also, modern physical or digital ID cards allow connectivity with different databases or systems, such as the book lending system or the institution’s active student database, allowing you to quickly activate or deactivate student ID cards and integrate them with other information systems.

Modern technology for ID card printing

State-of-the-art card printing technology allows you to enhance these steps and offer a 5-star user experience to your students, ensuring that it is streamlined, efficient and secure with a convenient, flexible and integrated enrollment process.

The most advisable thing to do when making your educational ID cards is to consult an expert in physical and digital identification solutions such as Intexus, that can guide you about the optimization of the process, security levels and elements that should be included in your educational IDs.

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