Retail, services and production

Reliable identification to ensure the security of your personnel and facilities

The needs of the sector

Efficiency and safety are paramount to maintaining uninterrupted operations. Personnel identification solutions are key to protecting identity and ensuring secure access to facilities, systems and customer service.

The needs of the sector

Issuance of physical and digital IDs

-Improve customer confidence with secure identification of personnel.

-Control access to restricted areas.

-Identify personnel in minutes regardless of their location.

-Safeguarding third party information

-Avoidance of identity theft

Data protection

-Protection against increased threats

-Monitoring and custody of sensitive data.

-Reduce the risk of information leakage.

-Maximum protection in any part of the information cycle.

Scenario within the sector

Secure and agile identification of personnel


Agile data capture systems from different devices and locations to ensure timely identification of personnel.


Decentralized and agile processes for the different sites of an organization.


Personal IDs capable of integrating with access control and attendance systems.

Case Study
Service and Production Industry
Colombian company with more than 25,000 employees

With the system-integrated ID issuance solution, not only was it possible to card the entire company, but also to respond to the company’s security needs. Learn more about solutions for issuing large-scale physical and digital IDs


Optimize the identification process of 25,000 employees from different sites nationwide.

Validación de identidad

Our client needed to optimize the process of issuing and delivering physical IDs to their employees nationwide, and integrate it with access control and monitoring systems.


-Successful development of the decentralized and massive identification process for all employees.

-Optimization of time and costs in the process of carnage.

-Integration of identification with access control system to facilities and restricted areas.

-Service and permanent support throughout the process.

Solutions that can be applied to Production Services Entities